September 30, 2023


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What Makes Ayana Mid-Plaza Jakarta Unique?

When looking for the best hotels in Indonesia, you’ve probably come across Ayana Mid-plaza Jakarta several times.  Located in Jakarta’s Central Business District (CBD), it is a five-star luxury hotel belonging to the Ayana group of hotels.

There are several of hotels in Indonesia, most of them being luxurious 5-star resorts. However, Ayana Mid-plaza Jakarta is quite unique.

From its location to the services to the operations, this hotel has set apart a standard for most of its competitors. There are several reasons why Ayana Mid-Plaza is unique and different. These reasons are what make it a must-visit when looking for pleasure.

Below are a few of these reasons.


  • Its location


Most luxury hotels are located on the outskirts of towns and cities. But not the hotel Jakarta. This is perhaps its most significant feature.

It’s located in the city center close to shopping malls, business offices, restaurants, and public transport, thereby giving Visitors to the hotel, the full city experience.

This location means that you can easily get to your bank, or visit the mall for shopping easily. Moreover, you are closer to Jakarta’s nightlife and therefore, can never get bored with your stay there.

What’s more, the hotel ensures the perfect balance between comfort and business. Businessmen thus get close access to their desired offices and services, even when on vacation.


  • Blend of business and leisure


Ayana mid-Plaza hotel is not only a luxury hotel. It also specializes and caters to business and company setups and events.

Their services are therefore tailored to suit both the official and the vacation side of their guests. The facilities are also well designed to satisfy both these needs.

When staying at the hotel, regardless of your reasons, you’ll be met with world-class rooms and conference centers for your meetings. This is because the hotel has invested in quality facilities, including large capacity ballrooms for the guests.

Moreover, you’ll receive well-maintained equipment such as whiteboards, projectors and other materials per your request.

For leisure, swimming pools, the spa, kids’ playgrounds, gyms, tennis and squash courts among other facilities are at your disposal.

All these are designed to help you get the most out of your stay with the hotel.


  • Amazing offers and packages


Ayana Jakarta offers some of the best deals you’ll find in any hotel. They have package discounts for accommodations, dining, and even a business package.

You are therefore assured that you’ll save a few bucks by staying at the hotel.

Additionally, most of their packages and deals don’t have a minimum stay out. You can stay for as long or as short as you want. However, for the business package, there’s a minimum stay of two nights. The package also covers a two-cloth piece of laundry for the period of your stay.

Furthermore, the package covers a daily buffet breakfast and a one-way transfer to the airport. If this isn’t the perfect deal, then what is?

Other packages such as the urban weekend getaway, covers the daily breakfast and a discount on the spa treatments.

These offers make the hotel more affordable!


  • The full Ayana Experience


For a long time now, Ayana has been praised for offering amazing customer experiences to all its guests. Hotel Jakarta isn’t left behind either.

The hotel allows you to mix both businesses with pleasure without losing focus on your tasks. Furthermore, it ensures that visitors don’t have to leave town to have fun and enjoy their vacation. It brings the party, and leisure to the city center.

Who said you can’t have fun in the CBD?


Ayana Mid-Plaza Jakarta isn’t your everyday 5-star Luxury hotel. It’s a unique and revolutionary hotel that promises to bring life to your stay.

You, therefore, don’t have to worry about your stay at the hotel. Whether you are there for business, vacation or getaway weekend, you are assured of an amazing experience.

Therefore, you don’t have to bear conducting your meetings in a crappy hotel. Try Ayana Mid-plaza Jakarta today. You won’t regret it!