Video Making Tips “Traveling”

Making a travel video is not difficult, the video can contain about our journey. its contents are free to travel excitement or to explore the destinations visited. Here are tips on making video traveling, and for more detail about Indonesian travel : most beautiful island tour in indonesia

1. Same with making good travel photography, make travel video also have to think about how the concept. Understanding the concept here, like what kind of video made.

Because, there are many kinds and kinds of travel videos, such as travel documentation, traveling excitement with friends, destination coverage, time lapse video or stock video footage about the beauty of tourist destinations visited.

2. Because this video theme is traveling, generally the spread of video is only for the needs of social media. Most useful for television media. So use a pocket camera or DSLR that entry level is very enough.

Especially now the action camera is very much and the need to use cam action is very enough to make a quality travel video.

3. Do not be afraid to take a lot of video scene, as more choices when editing. Very often when we take video, the stock feels enough. But when it comes to the editing process turned out to be far from enough stock.

So, the video is not much different from the photos, you should take as much as possible and select the best footage among all the stocks.

4. Video production requires a lot of battery and energy consumption of the camera is quite wasteful. So, it is mandatory to have a backup battery of at least one. Well, two backup batteries let me be safe.

Especially if traveling to destinations are quite remote, very difficult to charge the battery. Usually in remote areas far away with amazing scenery, not suddenly the battery used in the camera is up.

5. Make an interesting angle, to create a point of view that is also very different from others. Currently the technology of video cameras and accessories so easy for the videographer to work.

In addition to making a good video, previously need to often see a lot of traveling video. References on Youtube are plenty to find great travel videos and storytelling.

6. Currently making travel videos can use any camera, no DSLR camera can use smartphone. Want better results and not complicated can take action camera that is sold in many camera stores.

Want a professional-looking result could use a mirror less camera and a DSLR. use any camera can not shake origin. Also use a tripod or stabilizer for the camera.