France is surrounded by many interesting tourist attractions. Visiting the Eiffel Tower is the most option taken by common tourists. It is not the only thing you can do during your stay in France. You have to plan an unordinary holiday. It seems boring if you only visit the common places.

One of the famous tourist destinations is the treehouse accommodation. Not all home has to be built on the flat land. It may sound childish, but actually, it turns out that the house on the top of the tree can provide its own unique sensations and also the luxury that not many people had expected. What makes tree house unique is the shape of the house itself which similar with the bird’s nest. That is why you have to try to have an experience staying in a tree house.

Imagine waking up from sleep accompanied by the clean air, the sound of chirping birds, and the scent of the fresh trees. It will give you a good feeling. It will refresh your mind and sould. You will also feel the peace and the silent of the place around. Moreover, with the wonderful view of the sunrise and the sunset, it would be amazing. It will satisfy your eyes. When you are going to France, try this treehouse holidays France. It will give you new and fun experiences in spending your time.

Les Ormes, No.1 in France

Les Ormes is one of the first resort with the treehouse concept in France. Start from 2003 when they built their first house in the trees. At first, it was only the wedding gift for a honeymoon. And now, there are 30 cabins with 26 cabins in trees and 4 above the water.

The Treehouse

Our treehouse offers you an unforgettable experience at 4, 10 or 3v3n 20 meters high. You can share it with family and friends, or as a couple. The treehouses are constructed in an eco-friendly manner. It means that the tree house is safety for the nature in the area. Inside, candlelight and real wooden furniture. In the winter, we are installing a small heating system. It reduces the using of the electricity as it is an eco green house.

Services and Facilities

We provide all you need. No need to go off site, all services are available on site. Such as souvenir shop, mini supermarket, and launderette. You will find everything you need in the supermarket. There are also free wifi in some areas and in the premium accommodation facilities. So you do not need to worry about the services and the facilities because we serve you the best services for the visitors.

Get 15{ddfc541ae0bffc32a1cde473cd0577808fb356d1e9403244876e6397f7b97946} Off

Choose the cabin you like; a tree house or a raft house and all year long you will get 15{ddfc541ae0bffc32a1cde473cd0577808fb356d1e9403244876e6397f7b97946} off on your 2nd night and more. By using this 15{ddfc541ae0bffc32a1cde473cd0577808fb356d1e9403244876e6397f7b97946} off, you can save your money for the other necessities. It is not only environmentally friendly but also friendly in the pockets.