October 1, 2023


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Top 5 AI marketing activations, ranked: July 20, 2023

AI is part of the biggest trends this week, with a new ad around the Women’s Worlds Cup and an AI-generated song from a fake Johnny Cash singing “Barbie Girl” making the rounds just in time for “Barbie.”

Meanwhile, this week, Meta made an advance in large language models by releasing Llama 2, the next iteration of its generative text machine that is akin to ChatGPT. Meta, which owns Facebook, opened Llama 2 to Microsoft and Amazon cloud services, and said the model was trained on 40% more data than the first generation. Apple is developing generative AI products, too, according to Bloomberg News. Apple has been silent about how it plans to incorporate AI into its services while Microsoft invested in ChatGPT, and Google, Meta and Amazon all released AI products. But Apple has an internal project called Ajax, which is being dubbed “Apple GPT,” Bloomberg News reported on Wednesday.

Aside from technical advances, AI continues to be an experimental technology for advertisers and everyday creators. The public is still getting used to how AI pops up in everyday use, and it’s even become one of the biggest points of contention in the writer and actor strikes in Hollywood. Artists are worried that AI could give Hollywood studios more control over their images, especially when a film can just create actors and scripts with the push of a generative AI button.

This is Ad Age’s latest installment of the top 5 AI marketing activations, which explores all the ways generative AI and machine learning are showing up in advertising.