September 30, 2023


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The scandals of Shein’s fast-fashion empire

A few weeks ago, a handful of influencers went on a paid brand trip for the fast-fashion company Shein. Known for its persistent TikTok ads and clothing haul videos, Shein showed off a factory where some of its clothes are made. Most influencers created videos about how much they love Shein and how well the workers were treated.

When these creators and social media stars got back from their trip, they faced an enormous amount of backlash, given allegations that Shein perpetuates human rights abuses, steals products from designers and inappropriately collects user data. Shein denies any wrongdoing.

Rachel Tashjian is a fashion reporter with The Post, and she says the multibillion-dollar company is more than just cheap sundresses and knickknacks. It’s now even drawing attention from U.S. lawmakers who oppose China’s alleged hand in Shein’s business dealing.