March 5, 2024


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The most curious beaches in the world

If the dream of lying on the sand enjoying the sun on a paradisiacal beach could add something more spectacular as witnessing different consequences of natural or strange customs of its inhabitants, what scenario would you choose? Here we present a series of famous beaches around the world that are recognized by some strangeness that makes them as unique as they are attractive.

Bowling Ball Beach, California

As its name indicates, this beach on the California coast located in the county of Mendocino is formed no more or less than by stone balls with a size of more than one meter in diameter. These rocks stretch along the beach creating a kind of large bowling field. As if this were not enough to become one of the rarest beaches, its sand is also green. It is very visited for activities such as surfing and fishing, but also to spend quiet evenings watching the sunset with cool beach stuff in an incredible space.

 Papakolea Beach, Hawaii

This Hawaiian island located in the Ka’u district has very original colour sand: black, red and, above all, green. The greenish hue originates in what is known as the Hawaiian diamond, which is the olivine crystals that were deposited there as a result of a volcanic eruption that occurred ten thousand years ago. There are other volcanic components in its sand but, since the crystals are the heaviest, it is their colour that prevails when the waters drag the rest. In those moments, the beach looks even greener.

 Scala dei Turchi, Italy

On the Italian island of Sicily lies a substantial rocky cliff that empties into the sea, located 18 kilometers from Agrigento. It is the Scala dei Turchi, that is, Stairway of the Turks. It is formed by a pure white sedimentary calcareous stone, called Marga. The erosion of wind and water over the centuries built a kind of steps in it.

 Escondida Beach, Puerto Vallarta

The white sand Mexican beach known as Escondida, in Puerto Vallarta, is a volcanic stone cave that has a variety of unusual marine fauna, which transforms it into a magical setting. That is why it has become a national park very protected by Mexico and declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco. It is a beach covered only in part by a wall of rocks in the heart of the three uninhabited Marietas Islands of the Pacific where you can enjoy your evening with cool beach stuff. It is visited mainly for the practice of snorkelling since they can be seen from sea turtles and stingrays to octopuses, dolphins, humpback whales, and other endangered species.

 Maho Beach, San Martin

The beach Maho Beach, located on the Dutch side of the Caribbean island of San Martin, has a beautiful attraction and adds sure adrenaline to an afternoon of sun on the beach. Its proximity to the Princess Juliana International Airport, with very short runways, means that the planes have to pass at such a low altitude that it feels like they will graze your head while you enjoy the sea of this beautiful beach.