October 1, 2023


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Men’s Wardrobe Essentials: 59 Infallible Pieces of Menswear Every Guy Should Own in 2023

“Men’s wardrobe essentials” is a terrifying, all-encompassing term, but if you made it this far into 2023 with your hall-of-fame style reputation largely intact, it’s hardly a daunting one. But if the first half of this year was filled with more big flops than big fits, well…we’re still proud of you—and there’s plenty of time left to serve some serious looks. So whether you’re on a sartorial hot streak or are kinda, sorta figuring things out, this handy master list of GQ-approved fashion staples won’t let you down. From dazzling warm weather accessories to unbeatable blue jeans to blizzard-ready jackets, these are the menswear sine qua non you should lean on to keep you looking fly all year long—59 men’s wardrobe essentials actually worthy of the moniker.

The Menswear Essentials Hit List

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