Kochi – These Attractions Make It Worth a Visit

The largest city in Kerala, Kochi is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South India. Kochi or Cochin has many wonderful natural hideouts and gateways that are a huge crowd puller. If you are planning to visit Kochi, then you are going to have a blast. Kochi has many scenic locations, historic monuments, long serene beaches, temples, museums, south Indian culinary, street shopping and much more to visit and do. If you are visiting Kochi from Bangalore, you can book cheap flights from Bangalore to Kochi well in advance.

The number of attractions in and around Kochi makes it the most happening tourist destinations in Kerala. Also known as “Gateway to Kerala”, you can see that Chinese, British, Dutch, and Portuguese have left a remarkable mark on this place.  Kochi offers a blend of nature and excitement for all the tourists. These attractions make your visit worthy.

Chinese Fishing Nets

The iconic fishing nets are one of the must-visit places in Kochi. These are being used from the 14th century and are in use till today. Watching these nets in action is a spectacular view especially at the time of sunrise and sunset. Local fishermen show you the operation of nets for a small fee. Buy delicious seafood cooked by the locals on the shacks and enjoy eating watching these historic fishing nets.

Princess Street

Enjoy the oldest shopping street of Kochi where you can find cafes, tea shops, restaurants, bookstores, souvenirs, and galleries. It gives a lot of energy as it is a lively destination for an evening walk with your friends.

St Francis Church

Located in Princess Street in Fort Kochi, this church is a landmark and the oldest European-built church in India. This church is the burial site of explorer Vasco de Gama and is visited by many local and international tourists every day.

Kerala Folklore Theater and Museum

Visit this private museum located outside Ernakulam to know about the rich culture and heritage of Kerala. The three-storied magnificent museum showcases the dance and art forms of the state, making it a must-visit spot.

Kathakali Performance

Visit the Cochin Cultural Centre to view the glorious dance-drama that is the traditional dance form of Kerala depicting meaningful mythological stories in subtle ways.

Kerala Food and Cooking Lessons

The best way to learn and savour the authentic Kerala foods including the yummy seafood and coconut flavours is to take a cooking class from the Kochi homestay. Other than the home stays, multiple people take special cooking lessons they are serious about learning.

Ayurvedic Treatment and Massages

Kerala is known for its Ayurvedic treatments, and there are many Ayurvedic centres, resorts, and spas in and around Kochi that offer different varieties of Ayurvedic therapies, treatments and much more. Many tourists visit there for treatments and some for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Various Islands of Kochi

Enjoy the various islands of Kochi, as Willingdon, Vypeen, and Vallarpadam islands. Willingdon is the largest, and Vypeen has a huge collection of clean sandy beaches. Take a boat cruise around Kochi and roam around these waters to see the beautiful sunsets.

Marine Drive

Enjoy the calming backwaters, crowded shopping malls, bustling walkway and restaurants that serve authentic Kerala food in Ernakulam’s famous hangout place called Marine Drive. Marine Drive is the most happening place throughout the day and especially at night, you can see the lights of buildings and ships reflecting in the ocean.


Other than the above attractions, visit Fort Kochi Beach, Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary, Indo-Portuguese Museum, and much more when you are visiting Kochi from Bangalore. There are always cheap flights available from Bangalore, you just have to search for book cheap flights from Bangalore to Kochi on Google and explore this wonderful city.