How to Drink Tea Good and Right

During tea drink within reasonable limits and follow the existing guidelines, then drinking tea will be healthy and refreshing. In order to benefit from your drinking tea, then there are some things you need to consider, among others, and for more detail information : jasmine tea

Drink tea in one day maximum 5 cups tea, with cup size is 200 ml.
We recommend that you drink tea at least 1-2 hours before and after eating the main food, because some nutrients can be inhibited by the absorption of active substances from tea
If you use a tea bag, you should not be too long to soak in hot water, at least only about 2-3 minutes, because it is suspected bags of tea bags containing clorine that will melt during the tea brewing process.
Tea should be enjoyed in warm conditions (65 degrees Celsius) so that all the goodness of tea is not damaged due to over heating not in hot conditions (above 70 degrees Celsius), because it is suspected to increase the risk of throat cancer
Tea should be enjoyed while warm, do not drink tea that has long been allowed to cool in room temperature due to hygienic factors.
If you have a history of heart disease, you should avoid or limit the consumption of tea, because the content of caffeine is high enough.
Avoid or reduce the consumption of ready-to-drink tea packs, as it is thought that the tea content is very small and uses more shields and dyes and other preservatives
To optimize the benefits of drinking tea, should drink unsweetened tea, aka bargaining.
Milk tea or milk mixed tea is believed to reduce the stimulant substances in tea. While lemon tea (lemon tea) can help protect the digestive system and can prevent shells on the intestinal wall.

Worth Avoiding When Drinking Tea

There is also something you should look at when you drink tea for useful substances in the body is not lost, among others:

Do not drink tea when or after eating because the substances contained in foods can be neutralized by tea stimulant substances.
Do not drink tea on an empty stomach especially fermented tea because it can increase the production of stomach acid, making your stomach ache. So, try to fill your stomach with food or fruits before drinking it.
Avoid drinking tea mixed with sugar because it causes the substances they contain to be reduced.
Do not drink tea that has been overnight because there are many substances that are oxidized and stale so that the impact is not good for the body.
Avoid drinking tea while pregnant and breastfeeding. Because caffeine and stimulant substances in tea can stimulate uterine contractions. In addition to breastfeeding mothers will disrupt the production of mammary-producing gland or breast milk.
Should not combine vegetables that contain lots of minerals by drinking tea.
Adding lemon in teacups, as it gives astringent effect or protector for our digestion, thanks to citric acid contained in lemon will prevent the occurrence of crust on the wall of the intestine.
Tea derived from plants such as camomile, peppermint, lemon blossom does not contain caffeine at all. This tea can be selected for daily consumption.