Helicopter Flying Lessons

Helicopter Flying Lessons

Have you ever wondered how it could to feel to fly high in the sky and enjoy the beautiful view? To explore new places while feeling that slight breeze of the wind in your hair? Well, the wind probably won’t be only a slight breeze, but we have the perfect solution: Why not learn to fly a helicopter? If you would like to take your experience to the next level, or you feel like you had enough of just sitting back relaxing, helicopter flying lessons are the answer that you are after!

Get to the chopper!

If you are ready to sign up, qualified and professional pilots will guide you through your flying lessons, while you finally learn how to safely fly these magnificent machines on your own. In case you are after a license, you should be prepared to dedicate time to your new devotion, as usually, it takes about 40-70 hours to get a professional license. Practice is key, while choosing the right instructor is just as important, therefore before booking your next helicopter flying lessons, check for any testimonials or ask for recommendations to find the perfect instructor. Once you have finally finished with your training you can also take advanced lessons, which can help you hone your flying skills. But before any of these, you might wonder: “Is this the right thing for me?” Well, here are a few things that can help you decide.

To fly or not to fly, that is the question!

In case you are still unsure whether helicopters are the right solution for you, we highly recommend you to take a few helicopter rides, where you can experience the magical feeling of flying from first hand. If you still have a few doubts, it is fine to book a beginner lesson for yourself and give helicopter flying a shot, while you also should be prepared that in the beginning you will be required to start with theory and introductory lessons – which are vital to anyone who flies. Keep in mind that those who decide to take such lessons, are never afraid of heights and do not lack self-confidence, as vital decisions have to be made in a few seconds while flying. Even though helicopter flying is not for everyone, professional instructors are always doing their best to prepare you for every possible scenario out there and will not judge you if you are still unsure about your new hobby. All in all, do not be afraid to give it a try!

Making it an experience

If you have already experienced the magnificent feeling of flying, either on a tour while being abroad, or by taking a helicopter ride in your city, we are sure that you will enjoy helicopter flying lessons even more. Once you are finished with theory lessons, a professional instructor will guide you through the practical training, preparing you to fly on your own. These lessons usually include flying practices in various weather conditions, mastering take-offs and landings and much more. Before committing to your training, make sure to take a look at the types of helicopters available for helicopter flying lessons. In case you have a specific type that you would like to fly from the list, usually, this can be arranged – making your lessons even more fun.


Imagine taking off on a sunny weekend afternoon by yourself, with your significant other or with friends and enjoying the view – this is only a few steps away! If you are devoted and you can dedicate enough time to your training, you will find yourself having that license you’ve been dreaming of in no time.