March 2, 2024


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Have Marketing Questions? Eye Square’s New AI Memex Jr Has Answers

Berlin, Germany-based research company Eye Square said it launched Memex Jr., a generative artificial intelligence tool designed to explain complex marketing topics and provide insights that can improve advertising performance.

“Memex Jr. explains many of Eye Square’s advertising insights at a high level, including our unique approach to advertising strategy and the definitions of key terms such as attention, experience and meaning — all in the interest of better understanding the human experience,” Eye Square CEO Michael Schiessl said.

eye square

(Image credit: eye square)

“Unlike a human manager, our new tool is available 24/7 — beyond time zones, schedules and rest periods. This important step frees up time and resources for our management, while still delivering precise, reasonable actionable strategies to our customers,” Schiessl said. “I am confident that Memex Jr. will serve as a great tool for customers who want quick answers to overarching advertising and marketing questions, while also supporting our own internal knowledge sharing.”