• Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Four Major International Airlines Just Joined TSA PreCheck

TSA PreCheck is expanding once again. On Monday, the expedited security screening program added four new airlines to its line-up of participating carriers.

Among the four newly minted carriers are Air New Zealand, Aer Lingus, Ethiopian Airlines, and Saudia. Each one is a major carrier that operates long-haul routes from the US to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Oceania.

US travelers who have a TSA PreCheck membership and are booked on any of those four airlines can now enjoy access to the faster security lane on the outbound leg of their journey. PreCheck is only available at US airports—more than 200 of them, in fact, including in US territories—and one foreign airport in Nassau, Bahamas. In a year in which record-breaking numbers of passengers have been flocking to airports, the new additions are sure to make a difference in easing airport security lines in busy international terminals.

TSA PreCheck is continually expanding its list of participating carriers, especially in recent months. In March, TSA added eight new airlines to the program, including Air Premia, Air Tahiti Nui, Air Transat, Bahamasair, BermudAir, Iberia, La Compagnie, and New Pacific Airlines. There are now more than 100 airline participants in the program.

The perks of a PreCheck membership can be invaluable to travelers, especially for those who tend to arrive at the airport at the last minute. Members of the program gain access to a more streamlined security screening: They don’t need to remove shoes, belts, or light jackets, and they can keep laptops and liquids inside their bags, meaning less fumbling when stepping up to the scanner conveyor belt.

To enroll, travelers must fill out a quick online application, followed by an in-person appointment at one of the hundreds of enrollment centers across the country. At the 10-minute appointment, travelers will have their photo and fingerprints taken; they’ll also undergo a quick background check and pay the $78 fee for the five-year membership. (If you use the right travel rewards card, your credit card company will cover the fee.) TSA says that most approved travelers receive their Known Traveler Number within three to five days of completing their enrollment appointment. Once you receive your KTN, be sure to add it to any airline frequent flier profiles or keep it in a handy place—this is the number you’ll input on all of your flight reservations to ensure your boarding pass gives you access to the PreCheck lane.

A membership is a particularly good investment for family travelers, as children younger than 18 are allowed to accompany parents and guardians through the expedited lane for free. Though all travelers are sure to benefit, as TSA says that 99% of PreCheck members wait just 10 minutes or less at security checkpoints.


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