Exploring Napa Valley, CA

Easily one of the top travel destinations in the western United States, the Napa Valley region in California boasts some of the greatest wineries in the world and many miles of stunning surroundings that are known to be some of the most gorgeous scenery in the country. If you are heading out on an RV rental journey in the western coastal region then you would be wise to keep Napa Valley on the list of places to spend a few days. There is more to do here than just wine, so check out these great things to do when in the area.

Wine Train 

If you wanted to get off the road and check out the scenery and wineries then the legendary Wine Train in the region is perfect since it allows you to view the scenery and take in some of the best wineries. The three hour ride takes in a number of small and scenic towns, several great wineries, and even a gourmet lunch. Even for those who aren’t into tourist attractions, this train ride is the perfect way to get to know the surroundings, take in some wine and great food, and acquaint yourself with the laid back vibe of the Napa Valley.

Auberge du Soleil

This restaurant not only serves up fantastic dishes but it boasts one of the best views in the Valley. This incredibly popular eatery is incredibly popular with locals and visitors alike, and it won’t take you long to find out why when you show up for your reservation. If you’ve spent long hours on the road to get to Napa Valley, then why not treat yourself to a fine meal and a great view? You will get both here.

CIA St. Helena

This famous culinary school has a lush, sprawling campus that is a distinct pleasure to wander in the daylight hours. But beyond this there are many attractions on the campus as well including food tastings brewed up by this institution which has churned out some of the country’s top chefs, day courses and classes for those interested in learning a thing or two about cooking, and a well known retail store offering an incredible line of home kitchen goods. You can easily spend an entire day at this scenic and pleasant campus.

Oakville Grocery Store

Founded in 1881, this classic grocery store will make you feel as if you have stepped back in time. This is the longest continually operating grocery story in California and it stocks a classic range of artisanal goods that are a delight to browse. This is a great stopping point when heading into or out of the Napa Valley region for RV rental travelers since it boasts great foods that you can stock up on and to use the clean public restrooms located at the stores.


Of course the wineries are the top attraction in Napa Valley and you would certainly be wise to check them out when you are here. It’s incredible to behold the vast range of wineries on display here, and exploring them all would be impossible. Therefore it would be wise to do your research and choose the wineries you would be most interested in checking out when in the region. Narrow your search down to those wineries serving the types of wines you prefer, with the types of grounds you would be most interested in exploring, and offering the types of foods and attractions you would prefer.

Gott’s Roadside Dinner

This retro burger joint is one of the most popular places to eat in the region, offering up some of the most delicious burgers would could ever hope to sample. If you were looking for a less upscale eatery and a place where you could sit outside on a sunny day and enjoy a delicious traditional burger, then this is definitely right up your alley.


Since this is a gorgeous area with lots of wildlife and great scenery, this also makes it a haven for hikers. There are many miles of trails for hiking, not to mention biking and running. There are dozens of trails offering a stunning array of scenery. This has long been known as some of the most gorgeous scenery in the state, if not the country as a whole, so it is wise for any traveler to set out on foot and immerse themselves in the stunning surroundings.

Napa Valley has a stunning range of activities, sights, and delights and is highly recommended for anyone on an RV rental journey through California or on a full West Coast run. You will soon see why this has long been an attraction for travelers moving through the area and has been a singular attraction for all travelers who journey many miles to enjoy this fantastic region.