Do Slot Machines Play Mind Games With Gamblers?

Mental health experts vs. officials of the gambling industry

Indeed, no matter where you play slot machines – at luxurious land-based casinos or at leading virtual gambling websites – the process is still entertaining, thrilling, and breathtaking. The variety of slot games enables absolutely every keen fan to opt for their favorite slot and play lord of the ocean, megabucks, fortune wheel, etc.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that the selection of one-armed bandits is diverse, according to some mental health experts, all slots have a psychological effect on players, making them addicted. From the other side, representatives of the gambling industry claim that slot machines are produced with one major goal only – to entertain people, not to make addicts out of them.

Surveys and studies

Lots of studies, surveys, and experiments were conducted to determine that a great number of gambling addicts are passionate slots fans, not poker or blackjack players. After some additional studies, the experts came to a conclusion that the majority of players become addicted because of video terminals. Even those who were not addicted before became dependent right after trying video terminals.

Normals vs. Addicts

Before the appearance of slot machines, gamblers had other psychological problems which are almost nonexistent today. But it still means that even at that time they were predisposed to the addictions of various forms.

Speaking of poker, here, players are not addicted, they just have certain misconceptions regarding their skills, therefore, they are easier to treat for psychologists. Meanwhile, machine players really think they can beat the slot and get a desirable jackpot.

Reality and illusion

The majority of gamblers tend to think that they should win around 2-4 times more money than they wager, which means that casinos would lose money if this was really happening. Slots can be compared to cash cows that bring casinos 70{4acf827cd8b3e2a64a539fc5a9d69d9311ac52dc1abae054508d4b5037a1cf41} of the whole profit. Experts claim that these machines are designed to create an illusion of positive odds, thus making people play longer. In simple words, gambling machines at offline and online casinos make gamblers believe that the more time they spend playing, the higher their chances of winning are.

A lot of gamblers do understand that slots operate in accordance with a random number generator, hence, no mascots, strategies, or tactics will ever help them win. Everything depends only on luck and fortune. So, if players realize it, then why do they still prefer to play slots? The reasons are very simple, some are simply addicted to them and for others, it is an exciting and easy way to spend time considering that it doesn’t require any knowledge and skills. What can be better than that after a hard-working day full of stress?

Knowing that the slot gambling is the most addictive activity among all offered by casinos, it is still the least regulated one. So, if the government takes this industry under control, then perhaps players will suffer less.