October 1, 2023


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Clothing Waste: France is paying Rs 2,000 to repair clothes, reduce waste

France is tackling clothing waste with an innovative new scheme that encourages mending instead of discarding clothes that are on the verge of becoming unusable. Announced by the secretary of state for ecology, Bérangère Couillard, the initiative aims to create a circular economy for shoes and textiles, promoting product longevity and sustainability.

Under the scheme, individuals who choose to mend their clothes will be reimbursed between €6 and €25 (Rs 553 and Rs 2,306) for the mending costs. This incentive is expected to motivate consumers to repair their items, especially those from brands known for their quality products. The ultimate goal is to reduce waste and foster a second life for clothing items.

Refashion, a private organization in France, revealed that in 2022, approximately 3.3 billion pieces of clothing were put on the market, with 700,000 tons being discarded annually, some of which end up in landfills. To address this issue, the initiative will be managed by Refashion and is scheduled to launch in October.

In addition to promoting mending, the scheme also requires stores to disclose information about the materials used and the place of manufacturing. This measure aims to reform the heavily polluting textile industry and encourage transparency in the clothing supply chain.

France’s new initiative marks a significant step towards reducing clothing waste and building a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to fashion consumption.