October 1, 2023


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“Clinisupplies Acquires Great Bear Healthcare to Expand Chronic Care Medical Device Platform”

Medical equipment manufacturer Clinisupplies has announced the acquisition of Great Bear Healthcare, a manufacturer and supplier of continence products.

In January, Clinisupplies became a KKR portfolio company. Together, the businesses aim to build a platform for chronic care medical devices.

Manufacturing medical supplies for incontinence & chronic care

It is estimated that over 200m people across the world are living with some form of incontinence, which affects people of all ages and genders, although women are more likely to experience incontinence than men, due to the impact of pregnancy, childbirth and the menopause.

Clinisupplies manufactures and supplies medical appliances for use in managing incontinence conditions, either chronic or acute. The company focuses on making its products simple and discreet for users. 

Fellow healthcare manufacturer and supplier Great Bear Healthcare was founded in 2007 and also operates the home delivery service Nightingale. The drive behind Great Bear Healthcare is helping customers to live their lives freely and in comfort. 

Leading global investment firm KKR hopes to create investment returns through following a patient and disciplined investment approach.

Incontinence can severely impact a person’s quality of life, due to the fear of leaving the house or having guests at home in case of an accident. Clinisupplies and Great Bear Healthcare are united in providing continence care to individuals and to nursing services, to improve quality of life for those living with incontinence. 

Engaging with healthcare professionals

Paul Cook, CEO of Clinisupplies, said that becoming part of the KKR network and leveraging their team’s expertise helps his team to support more consumers and engage with more healthcare professionals. 

“Great Bear is the perfect fit for Clinisupplies to strengthen our core business in the UK and create a platform for future growth. We look very much forward to working with the Great Bear team and continuing the great work of founders who created a successful organisation.”

“Clinisupplies is a proven market leader in collecting devices in the UK with a differentiated business model,” said Kugan Sathiyanandarajah, Managing Director at KKR. “This investment is another example of our Health Care Strategic Growth platform strategy in collaboration with proven operators in a thematic area we have been following for some time.”