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Hijab for me, is not something to be questioned, nor is the answer to be defended. Not a limitation but I always believe as freedom, not labeling identity but always a matter of convenience of choice.

In the early days of making the decision to wear the hijab in the late 90s, the number of women wearing the hijab in Indonesia was not as large as in 2021. Although I did not find accurate research (there is one figure from a hijab-only shampoo manufacturer which says 72% of Indonesian Muslim women wore the hijab in 2018) it can be said that the number who did not wear it at that time (at least in my immediate environment) were fewer than those who did not. (a situation that has changed significantly in the last dozen years).

It was also the early days of my work, where I also began to regularly participate in international forums. Hijab The context of this decision-making period is important to convey, because in discussions with many friends, although choosing to wear the hijab is very personal, when and why is determined by internal and external factors that are interconnected. I’ve always seen the hijab as a way of navigating the world, and after wearing it, I realized that I then seemed to have received a “new bonus of glasses” with a different perspective and view.

I chose to wear the hijab before Mama, without even having a long discussion with Abi and my husband (for a description of the definition of aurat or women’s obligations which I will not discuss in this article because I have no expertise, please read Abi Quraish Shihab’s book entitled “Jilbab”) . Start thinking on the weekends, then jump right into the office on Monday mornings for the weekly meeting. At Read More ...

4 Storytelling Techniques You Should Consider For Your Graphic Designs

With the upsurge in business and graphic designs, infusing storytelling into your graphic designs has become very necessary. The littlest difference in graphic design could either make you lose out on your business or gain it to the fullest.

To help you infuse storytelling correctly into your graphic designs, we will be sharing four storytelling techniques that you should consider for your graphic designs. At, you’ll find brands that have mastered the delicate art of putting storytelling into their graphic designs. It’s also the best place to visit if you’re interested in learning about designs.

Below are four storytelling techniques you should consider for your graphic designs:

  1. Sell your brand narrative: In storytelling, there’s something called a thematic preoccupation. Your brand narrative takes the place of this when it comes to graphic designs. You could do this by using what the brand is interested in as a major constituent of the design. For example, using a tall, standing woman in place of the letter “I” for a design that centres on women would surely be better off than using plain ‘I’.
  2. Avoid information overload: Just like in storytelling, information overload is frowned on in graphic designs. You don’t have to fix all the data of an organisation to just one design. It ends up appearing rough and very difficult to read. In graphic designs, make up your mind on the design you want to work on and stick with. Minimal is beautiful too.
  3. Always consider the type of people you’re making designs for: This is something else you must consider before embarking on any new design. The storyteller won’t go about telling three-year-olds about Socrates and Diogenes. Telling them about philosophy and philosophers would be a total waste of time. But when the storyteller
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5 Reasons Your Bodyweight Workouts Should Include Tree Climbing!

If you are one of those people who love climbing trees; people might find you weird. Tree climbing is an activity not many people love and endorse. Though all of us might have done it in our childhood; very few people pursue the same as they grow up and become adults.

Now what are the benefits of tree climbing and how does it help you to acquire the ideal bodyweight? It is pertinent to add here that tree climbing is considered to be one of the finest bodyweight workouts and it will help you get in shape in no time if you do it regularly.

However, it is a vigorous and strenuous exercise and you need to practice it well in order to pursue it in full length. Not only tree climbing will turn out to be a perfect bodyweight workout for you but also it will help you in keeping you in a good shape. Here are top 5 reasons why you should include tree climbing as your main bodyweight workout.

  1. Stress Buster:

You might not want to believe it but tree climbing is an instant mood booster activity. As per the health and fitness experts, tree climbing helps to elevate your mood in no time and reduces the stress levels.

So, if you are all decked up with your daily routine and want to get up close and personal with the nature a bit; adopt the activity of tree climbing for not more than a month and you will feel the difference yourself.

  1. A Perfect Exercise:

Generally speaking; different types of exercises cater to different areas of our body parts. For instance; squats are for thighs and legs, push-ups are for stamina building and running is for stronger legs.

However, if you go for tree climbing; you will … Read More ...

5 Reasons to Delete Your Ex on Facebook

With the development of social networks, everyone tries to stay in touch, in particular through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. From the one hand, it is very useful in terms of being aware of your friends’ or relatives’ lives who live far from you. But at the same time, these websites are toxic and can keep you stuck in the past.

Only a few decades ago, when there were no social networks, breaking up was much easier. Nowadays, a person you were dating is in the friend list and it is just impossible to avoid the temptation to check their profile. As a result, breaking up turns into a long and very painful process.

No matter where and how you have met the person, on top mature dating sites, through friends, on social networks, etc., it is recommended to delete your ex on Facebook as well as on other social networks. The reasons for that are simple:

  1. Why do you need to keep an ex’s Facebook account? What exactly do you want to see on their Facebook profile? Looking through the ex’s pictures at a party, flirting with someone, or having a vacation will 100{4acf827cd8b3e2a64a539fc5a9d69d9311ac52dc1abae054508d4b5037a1cf41} not enrich your life. It is time to move on and stop this virtual self-harm.
  2. Your ex has no desire to stay friends – no matter how sad it sounds but if you are dumped, it is ridiculous to stay friends. Your ex just didn’t have the guts to make a clean break. Being dumped by the person you loved is humiliating enough, that’s why it is time to stop virtual “friendship” and start respecting yourself.
  3. No Facebook pictures will ever make them jealous – no need denying that we all have posted “happy” pictures where we are surrounded by friends and families, having a
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