Air Travel Was Never So Much Fun


So, Virgin America Airlines starts a service from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. You book a ticket for yourself on the plane, or search for cheap flights to find deals elsewhere. Midway through the flight, the air hostess comes over to you and hands you an exotic-looking rusty-orange-coloured cocktail. But you didn’t order it. She then tells you that the heady drink is a gift from the cute guy in the third row, yeah, the one in blue shirt and khaki trousers. You gape at the air hostess and at the man who just waved at you in style. You can barely manage a smile. Mid-air hitting! Wasn’t that something that happened only in pubs and bars? Is it even allowed, you want to ask the cheeky hostess?

Shall we, mademosielle?

Well, it is. At least on the Virgin America flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. You wouldn’t expect any less from the flamboyant Richard Branson. Trust the enterprising tycoon to come up with something as quirky as this. On this flight, you can send a cocktail to a total stranger. All those who always complained that your co-passenger never turned out to be someone hot, can now relax. A flirty flight is assured for you. “As founder of the Virgin group, I’ve been in my share of compromising positions,” he says in “Sir Richard Branson’s Guide to Getting Lucky at 35,000 Feet’. Wonder if our desi Branson, a certain Mr Mallya, is listening. However, there is nothing the flight guys can do if you are turned down.

But there’s another attractive offer you can’t refuse. If you have travelled by this flight, and had a n interesting experience, you can win  a chance to travel on it again. Simply write about your experience and upload it to Virgin’ Facebook page, and you stand a chance to win flights and a stay at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Though this seems a fairly tempting service, it remains to be seen how fruitful it proves to be—both for the passengers and for the airlines. In the past too, there has been no dearth of quirky airlines and in-flight services. Here is another bizarre flight idea:

Naked Air

As the name suggests, this had to do something with nudity. This flight from Miami to Cancun, Mexico, catered to nudists going to a clothes-optional festival in Cancun. As soon as the plane reached stable heights, the exhibitionists were allowed to strip down to their birthday suits. We don’t know the details regarding er…seat covers. Not too surprising that the airlines didn’t last more than two flights.

Pet Airways

We all love our pets. And we hate to stuff them in the cargo section of a plane. Worry no more now, for Pet Airways is here. Launched in 2009, the US-based airline offers special pampering for your beloved pets. Skilled pet attendants look after all the needs of their ‘pawsengers’ (see, they have even given a special name to your furry mates) including regular toilet breaks and eatables. Free Wi-fi and alcohol is not provided for practical reasons.

Erotic Airways

Erotic Airways provides its passengers a “mile-high sexperience”. They understand how boring air travel can be. And so, they offer you a truly scintillating experience in the form of a private suite-like cabin with a double bed (covered with satin sheets), champagne and chocolates! You enjoy complete privacy; there are sound-proof arrangements too, we are guessing. And when you land, the pilot will make sure to keep it er…smooth, or you will be provided with safety equipment to ensure a safe landing. There are anniversary special and honeymoon packages to choose from.

Families with kids might shy away from booking tickets on this flight, but ain’t this better than waiting with your kid outside the loo only to see two people walking out, and explaining to your kid that the woman’s hair and clothes are messed up because she had fallen down and her husband had gone to help her up?