September 30, 2023


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5 Reasons to Delete Your Ex on Facebook

With the development of social networks, everyone tries to stay in touch, in particular through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. From the one hand, it is very useful in terms of being aware of your friends’ or relatives’ lives who live far from you. But at the same time, these websites are toxic and can keep you stuck in the past.

Only a few decades ago, when there were no social networks, breaking up was much easier. Nowadays, a person you were dating is in the friend list and it is just impossible to avoid the temptation to check their profile. As a result, breaking up turns into a long and very painful process.

No matter where and how you have met the person, on top mature dating sites, through friends, on social networks, etc., it is recommended to delete your ex on Facebook as well as on other social networks. The reasons for that are simple:

  1. Why do you need to keep an ex’s Facebook account? What exactly do you want to see on their Facebook profile? Looking through the ex’s pictures at a party, flirting with someone, or having a vacation will 100{4acf827cd8b3e2a64a539fc5a9d69d9311ac52dc1abae054508d4b5037a1cf41} not enrich your life. It is time to move on and stop this virtual self-harm.
  2. Your ex has no desire to stay friends – no matter how sad it sounds but if you are dumped, it is ridiculous to stay friends. Your ex just didn’t have the guts to make a clean break. Being dumped by the person you loved is humiliating enough, that’s why it is time to stop virtual “friendship” and start respecting yourself.
  3. No Facebook pictures will ever make them jealous – no need denying that we all have posted “happy” pictures where we are surrounded by friends and families, having a great time despite a break up just a couple of days ago. Your ex will not get jealous. Most probably they will only be glad for you. Don’t lose your dignity, move on!
  4. De-friend time – ex boyfriends / girlfriends don’t care much whether you delete them or not. That’s why stop treating them as a priority and simply click that “de-friend” button.
  5. Out of sight, out of mind – all this cyberstalking is only hurting you. The less you see, know, and hear about the ex, the better it is for you. You can finally think about yourself and decide what you want in life. When you finally let the past go, new and better person will come your way.

 Though social media do make our lives easier, they also can harm us when it comes to dealing with break ups. The best way to go about it is to delete your ex from your friend list and the reasons for this are provided above.