5 luxurious hotels in Delhi you must visit

Luxury is always needed, especially in stressful times like the ones we live in. Let your worries melt away with these five excellent five star hotels in the country’s capital city.

Travelling to experience the local culture of a place, staying at budget hotels and the overall ‘rough and tough’ experience is all fine…but nothing can beat the rest and tranquillity that a 5 star hotel provides!

If you’re in Delhi, you could book yourself into these exquisite 5 star hotels:

  1. The LeelaAmbience Convention Hotel: This magnificent 5 star hotel in Delhi ticks all the boxes in terms of room décor, amenities, service, luxury and dining options. Quite easily the most preferred destination for the discerning traveller, this hotel houses 455 premier rooms and 25 state-of-the-art suites, apart from dedicated butler services, a renowned spa that offers a range of relaxing therapies, and the most succulent buffet dinners in Delhi, if you were ever looking to entertain guests here. Plus, its superb convention and meeting rooms are ideal for business events.
  2. The TajMahal Hotel: Located on 1, Mansingh Road, this 5 star hotel in Delhi epitomises timelessness at every touchpoint, whether it is customer service or ambience. It is located very close to prominent Government buildings, as well as the capital’s recreational hubs. It is designed in keeping with Delhi’s old Mughal architecture, in pink stone and with well-maintained gardens and pools. The rooms are large and tastefully designed, and it has some of the best convention and meeting rooms in the city.
  3. The Taj Palace: Spread over six acres of lush greenery, this majestic 5 star hotel in Delhi plays host to the nation’s biggest events, be they conventions or grand weddings. It is located close to the capital’s business district and offers breath-taking views over sprawling lawns. Plus, it is famous for its food and wine list across its restaurants, offering several international cuisines. Guests are also drawn to their signature spa treatments and golf course.
  4. ITC Maurya: Stately and located close to the Government district, this hotel is a favoured spot of visiting dignitaries, royal heads of State, business leaders and other prominent personalities. Its design and layout draws inspiration from the opulent Mauryas, and this historical vein runs through all its services and amenities as well. The works of some of India’s finest contemporary and past artistes find pride of place along the corridors of this magnificent hotel.
  5. Hyatt Regency:This hotel is located close to all the shopping districts in the capital, and is just a few minutes’ drive away from the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Its 507 rooms and suites accommodate every kind of refined traveller looking for world-class standards in accommodation, food and service. The famous Regency Club Lounge is a coveted destination for the well-heeled, while its service apartments are also much in demand by those dropping by in Delhi for a short while. You can also have some of the best buffet dinners in Delhi at this hotel.