Month: July 2021

What are the most eccentric dishes in Asia?

When it comes to the weirdest foods in the whole world, Asia is the centre of focus. Foods consumed in Asia are less likely to be consumed in other parts of the world. How would you like to eat a handful of scorpions? Not weird enough? How about eating a yummy live toad for dinner? If you plan to visit any country in Asia, you would likely come across or run into one of these weird foods. It is no wonder that the first Coronavirus case was announced in China with claims that it was gotten from those who consumed bat in a Wuhan market.

In China and some parts of Southeast Asia, you can place an order for grasshoppers and fried scorpions. If you are looking to visit any Asian country, you can always search for travel agencies in the country and read what other people that have used their services are saying about them on For instance, if Thailand is your destination, you can easily read Thailand travel agency companies reviews to know the right company to patronize in the country. Here are some of the most eccentric dishes in Asia;

1• Raw Horse Meat:

Eating raw horse meat is a common delicacy in Asia, especially in Japan and Korea. The Japanese call it basashi while the Koreans call it yuuk-hwe. Horse meats contain a high level of unsaturated fatty acids and it is beneficial to the health.

2• Sannakji

This is one of Asia’s most famous delicacy. Sannakji is a dish containing little pieces of octopus which have been slaughtered, not cooked or fried but only capped with sesame oil. This dish is dangerous because the suction cups of the tentacles can cause asphyxiation if it is not properly chewed. But the Koreans … Read More ...