Month: June 2021

4 Storytelling Techniques You Should Consider For Your Graphic Designs

With the upsurge in business and graphic designs, infusing storytelling into your graphic designs has become very necessary. The littlest difference in graphic design could either make you lose out on your business or gain it to the fullest.

To help you infuse storytelling correctly into your graphic designs, we will be sharing four storytelling techniques that you should consider for your graphic designs. At, you’ll find brands that have mastered the delicate art of putting storytelling into their graphic designs. It’s also the best place to visit if you’re interested in learning about designs.

Below are four storytelling techniques you should consider for your graphic designs:

  1. Sell your brand narrative: In storytelling, there’s something called a thematic preoccupation. Your brand narrative takes the place of this when it comes to graphic designs. You could do this by using what the brand is interested in as a major constituent of the design. For example, using a tall, standing woman in place of the letter “I” for a design that centres on women would surely be better off than using plain ‘I’.
  2. Avoid information overload: Just like in storytelling, information overload is frowned on in graphic designs. You don’t have to fix all the data of an organisation to just one design. It ends up appearing rough and very difficult to read. In graphic designs, make up your mind on the design you want to work on and stick with. Minimal is beautiful too.
  3. Always consider the type of people you’re making designs for: This is something else you must consider before embarking on any new design. The storyteller won’t go about telling three-year-olds about Socrates and Diogenes. Telling them about philosophy and philosophers would be a total waste of time. But when the storyteller
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