Helicopter rides

helicopter rides

Helicopter ride

Here’s what to bring on helicopter rides

Going on a helicopter ride excursion is a unique experience that not everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy.

There’s just something special about climbing into a helicopter, zooming around a beautiful urban landscape, and taking in some of the world’s most famous cities in a way that few people will ever have the chance to. Helicopter tours give a unique perspective of some of the most often visited cities on the planet, the kind of perspective that just isn’t possible any other way. Incredible helicopter tour pilots will be able to bring you to some of the most unique vantage points in any major city around the world, opening up an adventure that is something you won’t ever forget.

Of course, you want to prepare for your helicopter ride as best you are able to. There are a couple of different things you’re going to want to make sure that you bring on your helicopter tour, giving you the opportunity to enjoy everything in this adventure has to offer in picture-perfect comfort while recording as much of it as possible.

Here’s a quick checklist you’ll want to run through before you climb aboard your next helicopter ride!

Double check that you have your tickets or your passes

The overwhelming majority of helicopter tours must be booked at least a little bit of time in advance, and you’ll be provided with tickets or passes that grant you access to the helicopter pad and the helicopter itself.

Some operations are comfortable with you simply arriving at your appointed time for your helicopter ride even if you don’t have your pass or ticket, whereas other operations are going to require that you have your pass and your ticket as well as a photo ID – depending upon the specific rules and regulations they are going off of.

If your pass or ticket is mandatory make sure that you have it on your person before you leave the house.

Comfortable clothing is a must

Even though your helicopter tour is likely to be at least somewhat climate controlled, helicopters aren’t exactly the most energy efficient vehicles on the planet and you’re likely to deal with some chill or some extreme heat depending upon the weather outside when you take your helicopter ride.

Make sure you are wearing clothing that is appropriate for that particular season and that particular day, always erring on the extra clothing side of the fence is you’ll be able to take layers off if you are too hot.

Bring a camera!

While your phone is going to do a great job of capturing some amazing pictures and killer videos, the odds are pretty good that the views and experiences you will have a chance to capture aren’t going to be recorded quite as effectively on your phone as they would have been with a legitimate camera.

It’s always a good idea to bring the “real deal” with you, as the improved optics and photo/video capture technology will provide you with crystal-clear snapshots or quick videos of memories you’ll want to share with anyone and everyone you can.