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Children can Learn and Enhance Their Skills Through This Traditional Form of Art

A Japanese traditional art using a paper and folding it into shapes is called Origami. The cost of paper in the old times was very expensive that only the rich people can afford, thus only they could enjoy origami.. As the cost of paper became affordable to all, almost everyone started to join in the fun of forming art through origami.

The whole world started to learn about origami back in the year 1900’s. Anyone can do an origami sculpture because it only involves folding the sheet of paper using various techniques and form the shape. Both adults and children can learn origami as it can be very therapeutic and can be a learning tool.

There are benefits that children get from from knowing and practicing origami. The motor skills of the child will improve especially with the coordination of both hands and eyes, and also the child will learn how to read instructions and follow them properly. This also stimulates the speech part of the child’s brain.

Child development is only one part as there are still other advantages. Aside from the learning sequences and reading , other aspects such as mathematics and spatial relationships are improved.

What teachers do in Japan when they teach mathematical concepts is that they reinforce origami. Doing origami is fun for children knowing that their are going to create an art in 3D form and in doing such art, skills in other aspects gets involved. There are other concepts that are complex but can be learned and achieved with origami like proportions, angles, geometry, symmetry, fractions and proportions.

Origami also enhances learning social studies and social sciences. Educators believe that children have a better understanding on multiple cultures and let them get involved with creative writing such as poetry and literature.

When it comes to a child’s emotions, origami is believed to help the child’s self-esteem and attention span, as well as improving the memory and widening their imagination. A child can also feel stressed and anxious but doing origami can help fix that. The focus is shifted on completing the origami instead of the stress factors.

It is also considered to be an exciting activity for the family as it involves interaction between the child and parents. It only needs pieces of paper which is very affordable, and the parents teaching the child in which it creates a bonding time.

Some children want to learn things on their own and origami is a good activity to kill boredom. The feeling of having accomplished something on their own is what a child gets excited about. One can tell how happy a child feels once he or she shows the completed project to its close friends and family members.

Rose origami is very well known but the most popular is definitely the origami crane. Just follow this link if you want to buy the origami paper and learn the traditional origami patterns.

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