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Interesting Stories in the News World

Everyday, Innovations and people in a variety of fields are changing the course of history around the world. Everywhere you look, there are interesting stories that are being talked about in bars, around the water cooler, and around the dinner table. To participate in these stimulating conversations, it is critical to stay informed about the most interesting topics of today. Most news outlets now offer many different mediums for keeping up with current events, so you will be able to meaningfully discuss these issues with friends, family, and coworkers. Here are some topics being discussed right now.

In the United States, the government is in a state of transition. With the recent election being especially contentious, people everywhere are uncertain about the future of the world’s largest economy. On the other side, a large segment of the population believes that American politics will receive a much needed boost. Meanwhile, there are those who are paying close attention to the end of the Obama administration. There are no shortage of perspectives when it comes to these issues, making them fascinating to discuss, and new facts come out almost everyday. No matter what you think of President Obama or President-elect Trump, you can’t miss these incredible stories.

The stories get perhaps even more interesting when you step out of the political sphere and into the scientific one. The race to Mars has become one of the most intriguing stories. Several competing companies are jockeying to put humans on Red Planet for the first time, and many people believe they can do so in less than ten years. Additionally, automated cars are quickly becoming less of a fantasy than they used to be. If they work, many believe they could reduce the number of traffic accidents, which kill a million Americans every year. Finally, it won’t be long before artificial intelligence is a major tool in our lives. To keep our society healthy, we must thoughtfully discuss these issues in order to work through the ethical issues that surround them.
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Undoubtedly, science and politics are important conversations, but they are controversial, and they can leave us feeling stressed. Sports can be a good break from the tough conversations we have on other topics. Furthermore, many athletes have brought to the surface issues that don’t get the widespread consideration that they deserve. With sports stories, you find a lot of the same passion and depth as in other fields, but the stakes are not nearly as high, allowing us to have fun in the midst of busy lives.
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To learn more about these issues, surround yourself with news from outlets around the globe. Before too long, you’ll be engaging your friends and family in mature and intelligent conversation. However you get your news, dive in and learn something today!