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Air Travel Was Never So Much Fun


So, Virgin America Airlines starts a service from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. You book a ticket for yourself on the plane, or search for cheap flights to find deals elsewhere. Midway through the flight, the air hostess comes over to you and hands you an exotic-looking rusty-orange-coloured cocktail. But you didn’t order it. She then tells you that the heady drink is a gift from the cute guy in the third row, yeah, the one in blue shirt and khaki trousers. You gape at the air hostess and at the man who just waved at you in style. You can barely manage a smile. Mid-air hitting! Wasn’t that something that happened only in pubs and bars? Is it even allowed, you want to ask the cheeky hostess?

Shall we, mademosielle?

Well, it is. At least on the Virgin America flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. You wouldn’t expect any less from the flamboyant Richard Branson. Trust the enterprising tycoon to come up with something as quirky as this. On this flight, you can send a cocktail to a total stranger. All those who always complained that your co-passenger never turned out to be someone hot, can now relax. A flirty flight is assured for you. “As founder of the Virgin group, I’ve been in my share of compromising positions,” he says in “Sir Richard Branson’s Guide to Getting Lucky at 35,000 Feet’. Wonder if our desi Branson, a certain Mr Mallya, is listening. However, there is nothing the flight guys can do if you are turned down.

But there’s another attractive offer you can’t refuse. If you have travelled by this flight, and had a n interesting experience, you can win  a chance to travel on it again. Simply write about your experience and upload it … Read More ...

Villas to rent in Majorca

Mallorca villas for rent

Villas to rent in Majorca

Finding the perfect villas to rent in Majorca is a lot more simple and straightforward than most folks make it out to be, especially when you arm yourself with all of the inside information that we are able to share with you below.

By the time you are done with the information in this quick guide, you’ll know exactly how to find the very best villas to rent in Majorca – the kinds of villas that will help make sure that your holiday is something you won’t forget for the rest of your life.

Let’s dive right in!

Outline – and prioritize – your needs

Because there are so many different choices to pick from when it comes time to rent a holiday villa, you’re really going to need to outline and then prioritize your basic needs so that you whittled down the options to something much more manageable.

Different parts of Majorca will offer you different opportunities (proximity to nightlife, to major attraction, quieter and calmer areas perfect for families, etc.) which is another reason why you need to outline and then prioritize your needs before you take the plunge.

Research your options ahead of time

The very best way to research all of the vacation villa options in Majorca is to actually get your “boots on the ground” by spending a little bit of time in the region, getting to know the different neighbourhoods and communities, and figuring out where you’d like your villa to be located.

If that is impossible, however, it’s not a bad idea to fire up Google Maps and Google Earth to get a top-down view or a street view of Majorca so that you can get a better feel of that particular area, the amenities available, and it’s … Read More ...

Travel with Something Sweet on your Feet


I can’t think of a single thing that ruins a vacation faster than shoes that hurt your feet.  The last thing you want to suffer is the discomfort of ill-fitting shoes that cramp the toes, chafe the heel or offer little or no support.  I have an extensive checklist of items that I attend to before I set off on one of my annual adventures, and having my shoe collection upgraded, overhauled and supplemented has been a priority on that list for a long time.  Using Groupon to purchase my new Chacos is a good example of how easy it is to take care of this part of my trip.

Many times I’ve seen travelers standing in long lines wearing high heels, boots or uncomfortable shoes. The pain on their face is unmistakable.  I learned the hard way keep comfortable shoes with me on all phases of my trip, especially after one brutally long delay and cancellation left me stuck in the airport with nothing but a pair of high heels on.   That’s why my Chacos were such a good investment. I had them custom made and will do it again if they ever wear out.

Sandals, flip flops and shoes are must haves on my vacations.   Right now you can get a pair of Chacos with a Groupon and save 30{4acf827cd8b3e2a64a539fc5a9d69d9311ac52dc1abae054508d4b5037a1cf41} on selected footwear, or design our own unique pair.  They offer other promo codes and exclusives when you sign up for their newsletter and free shipping.Using a Groupon is easy as pointing and clicking on the deal you want from your smart phone or other mobile device.  So don’t let that good deal get away.  Before you head out the door to your next adventure, be kind to your feet and get a Chacos deal through Groupon.

You … Read More ...

Entspannen Sie Sich In Einem Luxushotel, Wenn Sie Reisen

Wenn Sie nicht mehr so gerne von zu Hause weg bleiben wie früher, weil Ihnen die Erfahrung mit dem Hotelaufenthalt, wie ähnlich jedes Hotel ist, langweilig geworden ist, müssen Sie bei Ihrem nächsten Aufenthalt von zu Hause aus ein Luxushotel suchen . Oder Sie können sich jedes Mal, wenn Sie einen schönen und erholsamen Urlaub verbringen möchten, ein Luxushotel gönnen. Sehen Sie sich jedes Mal die Hotels in der Stadt an, in denen Sie übernachten möchten, wenn Sie eine Reise planen, und buchen Sie das Hotel, das als eines der schönsten Hotels der Umgebung gilt.


Finden Sie Das Perfekte Hotel Für Einen Familienurlaub 

Wenn Sie sich und Ihrer Familie einen schönen Urlaub gönnen möchten, dann suchen Sie sich ein schönes Hotel für Ihren Aufenthalt. Suchen Sie sich ein Hotelzimmer mit Sofas, einem Tisch und all dem zusätzlichen Platz, den Sie von einem Luxushotel erwarten . Und sehen Sie, welche Art von Pflege Sie erhalten können, während Sie dort sind, damit Sie so wenig wie möglich arbeiten müssen. Lassen Sie sie Ihre Taschen tragen und all diese Dinge für Sie erledigen, damit es sich wie ein Luxuserlebnis anfühlt.


Ihre Flitterwochen Sind Die Perfekte Zeit, Um Auf Hochtouren Zu Gehen

Auch wenn Sie nicht jedes Mal, wenn Sie in den Urlaub fahren, ein luxuriöses Hotelzimmer buchen, können Sie zumindest eines für Ihre Flitterwochen oder eine Jubiläumsreise buchen. Das ist die perfekte Zeit, um mehr Zeit für den Raum zu haben, denn Sie werden viel Zeit darin verbringen und möchten, dass alles perfekt ist. Sie können eine Hochzeitssuite buchen, die wunderschön und ruhig ist und sich perfekt für Ihre Zeit mit Ihrem Partner eignet.


Buchen Sie Das Richtige Hotel Für Einen Erholsamen Kurzurlaub 

Immer wenn Sie eine erholsame Zeit außerhalb Ihres Zuhauses verbringen möchten, im Hotelzimmer chillen und ein bisschen … Read More ...

Secret Spots For A Romantic Picnic In NYC

Romantic Picnic

NYC offers more green spaces than tourists can imagine. Secluded serene picnic spots dot the landscape in each of the five boroughs. So whether you’re on a first date or spending alone time with your sweetheart, there’s no better place for romance than the Big Apple. Imagine strolling hand-in-hand in a beautiful park with a backdrop of the city skyline, or sitting in a fairy tale garden or riding in a horse-drawn carriage.  There are so many romantic, private spots you’ll have a hard time deciding on which one to choose.  And if you’re looking for a place to pop the question, include one of these idyllic parks in your New York City tour!

Here’s a list of places in NYC for a romantic picnic:

Astoria Park

Whisper sweet nothings for hours on a bench along the East River or indulge in panoramic views on the central Great Lawn. Some great restaurants are available nearby so fill your picnic basket and take your sweetie pie here for romantic strolls along the many trails.


Clove Lakes Park

This beautiful park on Staten Island is a must visit for those looking for a waterfront spot. Romance can be found under a cherry tree with a picnic lunch or while rowing a boat. Clove Park has become the destination for FREE outdoor musical performances.  Check out Summer Stage in Staten Island and find big name entertainment.


East River State Park

Head to this charming Williamsburg park in Brooklyn, enjoyed by locals, for a picnic and stunning views of Manhattan’s skyline. River, wide open green spaces and blue skies with picnic tables and barbecue grills make this an ideal setting to spend an afternoon with a sweetheart.  The park closes at dusk and there is little shade, so come prepared for … Read More ...